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Expedition Cruising with Orion - The Luxury Cruise Adventure



Expedition cruising is a unique adventure, an up-close discovery of secluded, rarely seen destinations, yet with all the comforts you would expect of a luxury cruise ship.  The ships are small and intimate, often purpose built, aiming to inch closer to those less-visited, out-of-the-way ports and hard to find destinations.  If you have cruised before you will find the Orion Expedition cruises unlike any other ship you may have sailed on before.

The appointments of the Orion and the Orion II are luxurious, yet life aboard has a distinctly relaxed, Australian flavour with the international-standard service being warm and unobtrusive. The ambiance is intimate and subtly elegant with all the features and amenities found on a luxury cruise including internet access, flat screen TV, choice of twin or queen sized beds, health spa, gym, sauna and deck jacuzzi.

    Onboard you will experience myriad activities including fine dining, superb service, entertainment and expedition experts including dedicated guest speakers providing educational lectures. Biologists, naturalists, historians, artists, diplomats and award-winning chefs will all share their knowledge with you.

    More importantly you will be travelling with like-minded people - and they’ll be travellers not tourists. Expedition cruise guests can best be described as inquisitive, adventurous in spirit and young at heart.  Sound like you?  Explore a taste of what Orion Expedition Cruises has to offer below or contact us today for the latest cruise schedule, brochure and specials.

    The Kimberley Expedition Cruise

    Nothing can fully prepare you for the dramatic contrasts of Australia’s North-West, rich in Aboriginal culture and galleries of ancient artwork.  Cruising between Broome and Darwin (and vice versa) after the wet season has cleared, experience flowering deserts, the stark contrast of rich red earth against azure blue seas and swimming in fresh water pools.  The Orion experience makes the inaccessible, accessible, in safety and style

    Borneo, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, West Papua & Melanesia Expedition Cruises 

    Take a ‘sail’ on the wild side, exploring Borneo, Indonesia and the Malay Archipelago.  Explore ancient cultures, amazing wildlife and the extraordinary lost temple of Borobudur in central Java. This region is amongst the planet’s most biologically diverse ecosystems, prepare to feel as though you have just stepped into a zoological paradise. 

    Retrace the adventurous footsteps of those first explorers to the lost paradise of Papua New Guinea.  Orion will take you into the seldom-visited islands that stretch from Northern Australia around Papua New Guinea to the Solomons and Vanuatu. Witness mysterious ceremonies derived from a thousand cultures acrosssthe South Pacific.  Explore remote coastal villages surrounded by rainforests and towering volcanoes.  Swim and snorkel in some of the clearest, most unspoilt waters in the world. 


    Antarctica Expedition Cruise

    The last frontier for so many travellers, Antarctica epitomises the Orion philosophy of taking the path less travelled.  The population of wildlife is extraordinary: fur seals, sea lions, whales, giant petrel and shearwater…rarely an hour passes without some spell-binding sight.  This voyage departs the South Island of New Zealand and covers some of the Polar Regions famously charted during the first face to the South Pole 100 years ago.

    New Zealand & Sub- Antarctic Islands Expedition Cruises

    Isolated, windswept, beautiful and fragile, New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic islands are unique and irreplaceable and visited by a privileged few. A bird watcher’s and photographer’s paradise these islands are home to over 126 bird species and were granted World Heritage status in 1998.   Sailing from Auckland to Hobart with stops at five island groups you will travel through the ‘Albatross Latitiudes’, home to the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties. This intrepid voyage, its landings, explorations and access are influenced by permits and prevailing weather conditions.

    Themed Voyages

    Indulge in your favourite hobby from gourmet cuisine and fine wine to golf and photography on one of Orion's tailormade itineraries:

  • New Zealand Golf
  • Forgotten Islands Photography Voyage taking in Thursday Island, Komodo Island and Bali
  • Great Barrier Reef & Islands Food & Wine
  • Tasman Discoverer Food & Wine
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